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Naadam festival on Horseback+Northern Mongolian adventure

Naadam festival+ Horse Treks in Northern Mongolia

Brief Itinerary:

Day 1( 8th July) Pick you up drive to the base camp

Day 2:(9th July) Ride to Naadam field at Tov province: opening ceremony +Stallion horse race+ wrestling-2 -4th stage

Day 3: (10th July)Naadam festival: 5 years old horse race+ 1year old horse race and last stage of wrestling and archery 

day4: Fly to Moron,

Flight will be at 11 am, we will fly about an hour and have lunch at Moron
then drive to Rinchinlumbe, we will drive quite long and i hope it is OK
with that we will get there,at our horse family, during at night.

Day5- at Family,in the morning,  we will prepare our horse
trekking, all the equipment and saddle, horses etc and you can sleep and
after the lunch we will leave the family. start the trek and cover some of
the distance.

Day6-:- to Tsagaan Nuur village, it is
 located in the Darkhad depression-near Tsagaan Nuur lake- About 50km west
of Khövsgöl Nuur, behind a wall of mountains, sits a harsh but mystical
 landscape of prairie, forest, and 300-odd lakes scattered over a wide
plain called the Darkhad Depression. The depression is roughly the same
size as Khövsgöl Nuur and was also originally formed as a glacial lake.

Day 7:-(18th August):Horse trekking- camping on the way to Tsaatan people
in the mountain

Day8-(19th August): Horse Trekking- reach to Tsaatan(reindeer
 people settlement)

The difficulty in reaching the region ensures the unique Tsaatan people,
who are among the inhabitants of the valleys, are able to continue their
traditional lifestyle. Darkhad is one of Mongolia’s strongest centres of
shamanism.( please visit to this a web for more photos of Tsaatan:

Day 9:-(20th August) :Horse Trekking - Targan lake

One of the lake of Darhad depression where we can find 300of small lakes

Day 10:-( 21th August): Horse Trekking- back to our Horse family)

Day 11:-(22th Aug): horse trekking-Oliin Gol(Arsain sair

Dry river bad near Jiglig Mountain Pass, surrounding is spectacular
mountains and forest.

Day 12-(23th Aug) :(Horse Trekking-Khar Us

We will pass the Jiglig Mountain Pass and will see the Khovsgol lake and
riding along the lake and camping at Khar Us which is strong mountain
small river flow to the Khovsgol lake

Day 13:-(24th Aug): (horse Trekking-Jankhai

Last Horse riding to day and riding along the shore of the Khovsgol lake,
from Jankhai, it reaches car road therefore more tourists and people
atJankhai, stay at local small ger camp.

Day 14:-(25th Aug) early in the morning fly back to UB
Early in the morning drive to Moron,lunch, fly back to UB. drop you off at
your hotel in UB.

Price:1220$+2 way(return) domestic flight ticket will be 150$

Price include: all meals, bottled water for daily usage, camping
equipment, English speaking guide, entry fees to national park, support
from porters,Ger stay at National Park, pick up and drop off you to

Price exclude: laundry, alcoholic drinks, travel insurance*, nights at
hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

More info please contact to info@horsetrailsmongolia.com

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