About Us

Pony Trails Mongolia is a specialized horse and camel trekking and family running company. We organize horse treks around Bogd Khan Uul National Park, near Ulaanbaatar, and other Mongolian beautiful destinations such as Arkhangai and Hovsgol provinces. Our camel trekking is based in the South Gobi province and also we organise tailor made adventure tours in Mongolia.

At the Ger camp we can help you learn how to ride a Mongolian horse and some Mongolian phrases, as well as prepare everything we will need for the trek and tours.

Our goal is to show you the legendry Mongolian hospitality and the nomads' simple life style and an exciting riding experience and your life time adventure tours in Mongolia.

Our horse treks are suitable for groups and individuals and can be customized to your schedule, interests and horse riding ability. But some of our horse treks are designed for experienced riders only. Our adventurous solo treks are an exciting experience in the wild.

 Greatings from Amaraa and Horse Trails Mongolia team

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