Sunday, December 9, 2012

Khagin Khar Lake Trek

"Remoteness and scenic route" this is Khagiin Khar lake Trek but the lake itself is not that far away from UB compare to our other destinations but it's the location makes remote and hard to reach- cross the the Tuul river at least 2 times then the Khagin  river and countless local small rivers and the biggest factor that any vehicle can not make is the mud and also inhospitable for any livestock therefore local nomads not settled there( have to pass narrow, rocky mountain pass or cross the Tuul river to get to nearest civilization) which makes us to great adventure through the stunning forest and camping under starry night-quietness and peace to feel.
 Most of the our treks whenever you are, we meet at least one locals on the way riding in the Mountain( usually they ask, some horses thet they lost or simple friendly questions-like where are you from, where are you going to etc) or when set camp then look around can see a Ger or a horse rider in the horizon though most of the nomadic families are in the steppe more then mountain in summer time. Probably, we did not see anu other people during 3days in the mountain, near the lake region.
if you like to trekking in the real wilderness and to experience great adventure, Khagiin Khar lake trek is rigth way to go, for me it was great opportunity for take some photos-by the way, mid september was not cold and mother nature was changing it's colour which made me spectacular  scenery  and colour and i am just happy with this time of year  :)

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